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Pertaining or relating to cats.
[L. felis, cat]


(fē′līn) [L. feles, cat]
Concerning cats.

Patient discussion about feline

Q. Any one used or know anything about cats claw? What you think about this site ? http://cats-claw.blogspot.com/

A. There's some info here:

To your health...

Q. Can it be that I stopped being allergic to cats? is it a miracle? I was allergic to cats in my childhood, and yesterday a friend cat jumped on me and nothing happened.


Q. i LOVE cats! but whenever I get near them I start sneezing like crazy Is there something I can take that will prevent this allergic reaction? cause I'm just dying to get a fluffy little kitty...

A. i know a guy who's going through an anti-allergy treatment (for the last year and a half). he is going every month or so and get a shot. i think this is the treatment:

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Amino acid differences among feline influenza A(H7N2) virus isolates, New York, NY, USA * Amino acid positions in the viral proteins PB2 PB1-F2 PA NA NS2 Virus 448 42 57 40 62 74 A/feline/New York/WVDL-3/2016 S# C# Q# Y# C# D A/feline/New York/WVDL-9/2016 N Y R H C# E# A/feline/New York/WVDL-14/2016 S# C# Q# Y# C# E# A/feline/New York/WVDL-16/2016 S# C# Q# Y# F E# A/feline/New York/WVDL-20/2016 S# C# Q# Y# C# D * Consensus sequences among the 5 H7N2 subtype viruses are shown in bold.
* Feline influenza virus is identified by methods used to identify avian influenza virus.
* Feline influenza virus infections are treated symptomatically.

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