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A family of Carnivora embracing domestic and wild cats such as lions and tigers.
[L. felis, cat]
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Statistical analysis: To quantify the overlap between the activity periods of the felids and their prey, we used the two-step approach developed by Ridout & Linkie (2009).
Noninvasive tracking of jaguars (Panthera onca) and co-occurring felids in Belize by combining molecular scatology and remote camera trapping.--Virginia Tech.
The high population density of species considered endangered by Mexican law-for example, the felids L.
Table 1: Organwise lesions recorded during post-mortem Animal Lung Heart Kidney group lesions lesions lesions Artiodactyla 102 69 11 Avian 79 41 8 Canids 6 4 0 Felids 16 11 8 Hyenids 5 4 1 Perrisodactyla 2 1 0 Primates 10 8 2 Proboscida 2 2 1 Reptiles 4 3 2 Ursids 6 6 1 Total 232 149 34 Table 2: Year-wise association of lesions with organs Year Lung Heart Kidney lesions lesions lesions 2009 47 33 0 2010 36 18 8 2011 22 12 6 2012 23 15 4 2013 56 35 5 2014 48 36 11 Total 232 149 34
This uneven enclosure use reinforces the previously described idea of felids having core areas of their territory and has been similarly described in prides of wild lions [28].
The desirability of lions in the eyes of colonial and princely hunters, however, was not simply one of inscribing meanings upon felids. Topographies of the encounter, ethologies of the creature, or in Mundy's words, what lions afforded sportsmen, were vital.
Overall, researchers concentrate on primates and a few other groups of species (Davey, 2007), but the effect of the visitor number on the display of pacing by large felids remains poorly addressed.
KUWAIT, March 19 (KUNA) -- The Mexican Government is ready to develop and strengthen bilateral relations with Kuwait in various felids, especially the security domain, Head of Government of Mexico's Federal District, Mayor of Mexico City, Dr.
The number of reports on neoplasms in exotic felids is continuously rising, particularly due to an increase in longevity in captive animals [1].