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Wilhelm, British physiologist, 1900-1993. See: Dale-Feldberg law.
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On the 10th tee, a 201-foot, uphill hole through the woods, Feldberg flung his disc up the hill, and watched as it threaded through the trees, drifted left and landed 10 feet from the hole - close enough for an easy birdie.
It is true, after all, that these effects are relatively small ones; Feldberg himself admits that "small vices have relatively small effects," (3) and issuing parking tickets is, if anything, the bane of a police officer's career rather than its centerpiece.
THANK YOU: Tsunami survivor John Metcalfe with his consultant, Lore Feldberg, at Whiston hospital Picture: COLIN LANE
Mr de Mello said that Professor Feldberg might have been the source.
The Sunday Mirror has also learned that Mary spent pounds 10,000 on a facelift before going on a working holiday with Dr Feldberg.
Feldberg answered, "We are more promotional than Target and our customers respond to promotions.
Board members Bernard H Garil and Heather R Higgins have been named as Class I directors; Richard Q Armstrong and Alan S Bernikow are Class II directors; and Richard R Burt and Meyer Feldberg are Class III directors.
If you'd prefer camping or caravanning on well-equipped sites try Feldberg Strand Camping (www.
This transaction was negotiated by Scott Nunnally, Shuie Feldberg and Yoel Garber.
Consultant plastic surgeon Lore Feldberg, bone specialist Belen Carsi and their team were in theatre until 6.
Meet Dave Feldberg of Springfield, who flings Frisbees for a living,