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A 3-year commitment has seen Boehringer Ingelheim becoming FEI Equine Health Partner and FEI Campus Partner.
FEI (Nasdaq:FEIC) is a diversified scientific instruments company.
I gave FEI a lot of my time during those years, but I always gave my full-time job my highest priority, and made sure that my CEO was okay with my FEI responsibilities.
The renewed cooperation with Sky Mexico, which is separate to the FEI s deal with IMG declared previous week, covers the affiliates that come under the Sky Mexico umbrella in Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and PanamEi.
FEI will educate NABA volunteers on teaching their members the value of networking, resume writing, and other career-advancement skills.
While the NRHA and AQHA will handle all competitions for horses of 6 years and less, the agreement will see the FEI having an exclusive jurisdiction over reining competitions for horses aged 7 years and above.
Written (and researched) by FEI Director of Technical Policy Analysis Edith Orenstein, the blog highlights breaking news, along with analysis for financial executives.
Colleen's contributions to FEI are many (including her words of wisdom in this space in previous issues), and I personally wish her continued success.
Mission: To provide a forum for peer interaction and discussion of issues on corporate finance such as capital structure, dividend policy, credit ratings, accessing capital markets and others; communicate its findings and recommendations to FEI members and others; deliver relevant educational experience for the treasury component of FEI.
My time at FEI has been the most challenging and fulfilling of my career