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Hermann von, German chemist, 1812-1885. See: Fehling reagent, Fehling solution.
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Reducing sugars are detected by a test in the presence of Fehling leading to a brick-red precipitate.
Heavily active in the Triangle community, Fehling serves as marketing chair on both the Hospice of Wake County Board of Trustees and the Me Fine Foundation.
A spy story set in the later days of the German Democratic Republic, a la "The Lives of Others," "Shores of Hope" stars Alexander Fehling and August Diehl as would-be sailors whose lives take a very long, increasingly grim detour on dry land.
Propiedades observadas en la inulina extraida de la Dahlia spp PROPIEDAD CARACTERISTICA Olor Inodoro Sabor Insipido pH 6,72 Densidad 1,19 g/ml Brix ([grados]Bx) 42,8 Humedad 5,34 Poder reductor Negativo al Ensayo de Fehling.
The Kroisos logos embodies many examples of what Detlev Fehling and John Morgan term 'historiographical poses,' verisimilitude, glaubwurdig tokens of authenticity (including pretended uncertainty
Paralelamente al desarrollo de la Quimica practica se iniciaron las publicaciones de grandes obras como el "Tratado elemental de Quimica" (144) de Lavoisier, el "Organische Chemie" de Liebig, el "Grundriss der Chemie" de Wohler, el "Cours elementaire de chemie" de Regnault y como complementos a estas obras generales los llamados diccionarios, como el de Hermann von Fehling (18111885) y el de Adolphe Wurtz.
Total sugar was measured by Fehling reagent by the sum of reducing and non-reducing sugars were measured and results were expressed in percentage considering the whole sample weight.
Directed by Philipp Stolzl; starring Alexander Fehling, Miriam Stein, Moritz Bleibtreu
William Feehan * FF Lee Fehling * FF Alan Feinberg * FF Michael Fiore * Capt.
Las materias primas fueron caracterizadas para determinar el porcentaje de humedad y de azucares reductores presentes; para ello se realizo el metodo basico reportado por Acosta (2007) para la humedad y metodo volumetrico de Fehling para la determinacion de hidratos de carbono.
Finkbeiner & Fehling, 2006; Pattnaik, 2006; Xu, 2000), findings of this study revealed that the ABCs model was a great tool that helped PSTs to better understand their own beliefs and values, and to connect curriculum with children's specific needs.
Muller argues that Ilse Fehling, Friedl Dicker, and Lou Scheper each qualified as such exceptional talents.