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Hermann von, German chemist, 1812-1885. See: Fehling reagent, Fehling solution.
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Fehling, "Influence of steel fiber content and aspect ratio on the uniaxial tensile and compressive behavior of ultra high performance concrete," Construction and Building Materials, vol.
Fehling's solution was prepared by mixing equal volumes of (i) and (ii) just before use.
The threshold of 100.000 cells/mL is the generally most excepted one and still is seen as within the physiological range (Fehling, 2012).
Carrie doesn't help with the hunt, opting instead to go to her boyfriend Jonas' (Alexander Fehling) apartment.
Esse filtrado foi transferido para uma bureta de 25 mL e, adicionado as gotas, para um balao de fundo chato de 300 mL contendo 10 mL de cada solucao de Fehling, adicionado de 40 mL de agua, aquecido ate a ebulicao e, sob titulacao, ate atingir uma coloracao azul a incolor.
Reducing sugars were determined by titrating the juice against Fehling's A and B solutions using methylene blue as an indicator to brick-red end point.
Fehling's Test: To 2 ml of extract of the equal volumes of Fehling's solutions A and B was added.