Feeder Vessel

A general term for any larger bore vessel that supplies a region or neoplastic growth, e.g., a spider angioma
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ASCO will launch a feeder vessel for a test voyage along the Batumi-Constanta Black Sea container route.
The acquisition of the 2,850 TEUs large feeder vessel, Al Reem 1, brings Adnoc L&S's fleet to 123 vessels.
Qualitative analysis of OCTA ORCC segmentation images at baseline and at each follow-up visit consisted in morphological criteria from recent literature, [3-6, 27-29] such as presence/absence of a high-flow network, presence/absence of tiny ramifications, presence/absence of feeder vessel, presence/absence of an anastomotic arcade, presence/absence of a dark halo, presence/absence of flow void, and presence/absence of arteriolized vessels.
The newly established Fujairah Terminals, under the management of Abu Dhabi Ports, recently welcomed its first container feeder vessel, the Dubai Alliance, said a report.
DUBAI: The first container feeder vessel, the Dubai Alliance, arrived at Fujairah Terminals, wholly owned and operated by Abu Dhabi Ports since August 1.
Grossly, PMD may be thought to be chorangiomas, usually more well-circumscribed vascular capillary hemangiomatous placental lesions, which may exhibit a feeder vessel. Multiple chorangiomas in particular may mimic PMD.
SBMA Chair Roberto Garcia said the agency had investigated the iron ore spillage from the feeder vessel of Brazil's Vale Shipping Holdings Pte.
Cetus J is the first feeder vessel to berth at London Gateway making Teesport the first port to receive a vessel of this type from the London based port.
If the investigated feeder artery was not the true feeder vessel, the microcatheter was replaced into the second most probable arterial branch.
The primary objective of treating AVM of the brain is to obliterate the feeder vessel to AVM aiming at restoration of normal hemodynamics and preservation of neurological functions.
The motor carrier transferred the cargo to the APL's ship agent then onto their feeder vessel, the Sima Tara, on 3 July 2006.
Reality: Hemangiomas typically have one feeder vessel that's easily isolated.