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a benign fatty tumor usually composed of mature fat cells.


A benign neoplasm of adipose tissue, composed of mature fat cells.
Synonym(s): adipose tumor
[lipo- + G. -oma, tumor]


(lĭ-pō′mə, lī-)
n. pl. lipo·mata (-mə-tə) or lipo·mas
A benign tumor composed chiefly of fat cells.

li·pom′a·tous (-pŏm′ə-təs) adj.


Adipose tumor Dermatology A benign fatty tumor which may occur in virtually any site in the body. See Myelolipoma, Myolipoma, Spindle cell lipoma.


, pl. lipomas (li-pō'mă, -măz)
A benign neoplasm of adipose tissue, composed of mature fat cells.
[lipo- + G. -oma, tumor]


(li-po'ma ) [ lipo- + -oma, ]
Enlarge picture
A benign fatty tumor. They often appear in crops on the arms or trunk but are not metastatic. lipomatous ('mat-us), adjective See: illustration; chondrolipoma

lipoma arborescens

An abnormal treelike accumulation of fatty tissue in a joint.

cystic lipoma

A lipoma containing cysts.

diffuse lipoma

A lipoma not definitely circumscribed.

lipoma diffusum renis

A condition in which fat displaces parenchyma of the kidney. Synonym: lipomatosis renis

lipoma durum

A lipoma with marked hypertrophy of the fibrous stroma and capsule.

nasal lipoma

A fibrous growth of the subcutaneous tissue of the nostrils.

osseous lipoma

A lipoma in which the connective tissue has undergone calcareous degeneration.

lipoma telangiectodes

A rare form of lipoma containing a large number of blood vessels.


A non-malignant tumour of fatty tissue. Lipomas may occur in fat anywhere in the body and grow slowly to form soft, smooth swellings. They seldom cause problems but can be removed if disfiguring.


A usually benign tumor of fatty tissue.
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, pl. lipomas (li-pōmă, -măz)
A benign neoplasm of adipose tissue, composed of mature fat cells.
[lipo- + G. -oma, tumor]

Patient discussion about lipoma

Q. can lypoma be cure with age of 45 female 100% i have lypoma at back between arm from long time my age is 45 also has problem of sorises let me know how can it be cured

A. Nothing is 100% in medicine, so no one can guarantee you anything. However, provided it's indeed lipoma (a benign tumor, not cancer which is called liposarcoma), then it's not suppose to cause any specific problems after it's removed surgically.

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Anecdotally speaking it is thought that overweight dogs are more predisposed to developing fatty tumors. While I'm not so sure I buy this, I'm certainly in favor of keeping your dog at a healthy body weight.
It has been proposed to characterize all such lesions as "low-grade fatty tumors" which at worst represent well-differentiated liposarcomas.
The usual recommendation for fatty tumors is to wait and watch.
The hour-long procedure removed six fatty tumors weighing two kilograms (4.4 pounds, or 10 percent of Patch's body weight).
Age is an important parameter when confronted with growing, ill-defined fatty tumors that contain soft tissue components.
Fibrohistiocytic differentiation in subcutaneous fatty tumors: study of spindle cell, pleomorphic, myxoid, and atypical lipoma and dedifferentiatied liposarcoma cases composed in part of CD34+ fibroblasts and FXIIla+ histiocytes.
The Stellman data show that veterans exposed to herbicides faced an increased risk of elevated blood pressure, benign fatty tumors, a wife's miscarriage, visual andskin sensitivity to light and symptoms of depression, as compared with veterans who were not exposed.
She's obese, arthritic, and covered with what appear to be fatty tumors. She has no collar.
Soft tissue masses in which MRI is strongly diagnostic include fatty tumors, nerve sheath tumors, hemangiomas, pigmented villonodular synovitis, and hematomas.
Lumps, bumps, fatty tumors - call them what you will, but nobody likes to see her dog develop lipomas, those persistent little foothills that can sprout up on older dogs - and sometimes, not so-old ones.
Often soft and squishy to the touch, benign fatty tumors are not a threat to your dog's health.
Many dogs, especially older dogs, develop fatty tumors. Most of the time, they cause no harm.