fatigue strength

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fa·tigue strength

the stress level below which a particular component will survive an indefinite number of load cycles (typically about 50% of the ultimate strength of the component).
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The Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB) brings a strong background in lightweight construction and composite applications, including fibre reinforced SLA materials for strongly increased mechanical properties and fatigue limit.
Then, the material parameters and load information of welded A-type frame were taken as random variables and fatigue limit was regarded as a fuzzy variable.
[S.sub.f1] represents the normalized value of rock fatigue limit, and it is obtained according to the ratio between the fatigue limit and the static strength of rock.
Tobie, "Influence of shot peening on bending tooth fatigue limit of case hardened gears," International Journal of Fatigue, vol.
The US Air Force subsequently acknowledged the CCF importance and designed experiments to explore interactions between LCF and HCF, showing that HCF fatigue limit increased under CCF [11].
Therefore, the crack initiation phase is negligible in welded joints and the fatigue limit of welded details depends on the initial size of the imperfection inside the weld [14].
It joins Federal-Mogul's range of IROX technologies, which the company says reduce friction and improve the wear resistance and fatigue limit of the bearings used in today's highly evolved downsized engines.
The ferrous materials become horizontal however most of non ferrous materials have curve slopes downward gradually with no fatigue limit as shown in figure 1
For a simpler comparison, only stresses above the constant amplitude fatigue limit [DELTA][[sigma].sub.D] were considered.
It is noted that the specimen reached the fatigue limit at 235x[10.sup.3] th loading step.
As each crew reaches its fatigue limit, the aircraft is quickly re-launched with fresh personnel and returns to the fight.