fat substitutes

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fat sub·sti·tutes

(fat sŭb'sti-tūts)
Substances that have some of the same properties as fat but are not recognized by the body as such and are thereby not absorbed.
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The study, by researchers at Purdue University, challenges the conventional wisdom that foods made with fat substitutes help with weight loss.
The regulatory approval process for the fat substitute olestra demonstrates how a significant and protracted regulatory controversy can feature overlapping influences of public and technical argument.
As a fat substitute, Oatrim is used in some commercial baked goods and cheeses.
Or, most gag-inducing of all, having explained how Olestra, a fat substitute, causes "fecal urgency" and "anal leakage," he points to a magazine photo of an Olestra-filled peach pie and inquires, "Who among us won't be tempted to slice a little bigger piece or have an extra helping?
The first category of fat substitute is not, in the strictest sense, any substitute at all.
Olestra, a controversial fat substitute manufactured by Procter & Gamble, was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is now being used in an experimental brand of no-fat salty snack foods.
From a report on the safety of olestra, a fat substitute created by Procter & Gamble that was recently approved by human consumption.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sell snacks containing olestra, a new zero-calorie fat substitute.
The third method for reducing the amount of fat in a product is to invent a fat substitute in the laboratory.
Lorraine Glaces has launched the first French products to incorporate the fat substitute Simplesse.
This artificial fat is claimed by the NutraSweet Company to be the first and only all-natural fat substitute.