Fat Man

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The code name for the atomic bomb used in World War II on Nagaski on August 8, 1945, which shortly thereafter led to Japan’s surrender
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Singularly enough, the musical sounds they had heard seemed to come from the inside of the fat man himself; for he was playing no instrument nor was any to be seen near him.
Hearing this, the fat man sat up a little stiffer than before, as if he had received a compliment, and still came the sounds:
The fat man looked at him sadly and began his reply.
No sooner had the wagon stopped than the little fat man turned to Lamp-Wick.
"No," he said, "I have never set my two eyes on that big fat man before in all my life."
Near to Jikiza, on his right hand, sat a fat man with small and twinkling eyes, who watched the maid Zinita greedily.
"If he hold the herring he holds the scales, my sapient brother," cried the fat man. "But I pray you, good youth, to tell us whether you are a learned clerk, and, if so, whether you have studied at Oxenford or at Paris."
At last the fat man seemed to weary of it, for he set to work quietly upon his meal, while his opponent, as proud as the rooster who is left unchallenged upon the midden, crowed away in a last long burst of quotation and deduction.
At this Little John turned upon the Steward and smote him such a buffet that the fat man fell to the floor and lay there as though he would never move again.
Two gentlemen were waiting in it; one was a little, fat man, with black hair; and the other--a portly personage in a braided surtout--was sitting with perfect equanimity on a camp-stool.
"And now to business," said the prime minister, a very fat man.
-- To promenade, as usual, and large customer brought (fat man).....................................................