Speed Hiking

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An endurance sport consisting of running on a nature trail while carrying a backpack
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The CVP automated packing solution, paired with ProShip Product Suite software, ensures fast packing and shipping compliance.
For example, the packaging process can be simplified by incorporating smart packaging solutions at the board production stage, and further speed can be gained through application of our high-performance end-of-line adhesives, suited to very fast packing lines.
To ensure quality and freshness are maintained and to give the berries the longest possible shelf life in-store, especially for imported fruit, fast packing speeds are vital.
The 396 Positron case packer delivers smooth, fast packing of carbonated, non-carbonated and hot-filled PET bottles into corrugated trays or plastic shells.
At 20 seconds, the unit offers a fast packing cycle.
The total design not only aids product handling but also reduces the noise generated while still providing fast packing speeds of up to 60 packs per minute from 500g to 5000g.