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A type of loosely structured interval training for runners, cyclists, and in-line skaters, which combines high-intensity segments with the athlete’s regular training pace to build strength and speed
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The dynamics of the volume and intensity of the fartlek method used in the investigated subjects was established as follows: in October and November, acceleration distances with a lower intensity were used, and in precompetitive periods (the second half of December and early January) and competitive (January, February, March) turned to short distances with high intensities.
Typically endurance training involves LSD runs, HR fartlek, and perhaps light intervals.
Aside from running gut-wrenching, quarter-mile intervals on your local high school track, simply playing with the speed of your evening stroll, a little technique the Swedish labeled "fartlek", can effectively break up the monotony of those long, slow miles.
In The Restless Supermarket, retired proofreader Aubrey Tearle tries to preserve his mental agility through spelling and etymological exercises with the Concise Oxford Dictionary, "lexical backflips" and "lexical fartlek" (Vladislavic 2001:58-9).
Thu 10 mins easy, then 20 mins fartlek (free-form fast and slow running)
``On your long training route, run at a steady pace but for your shorter run make it more interesting by doing fartlek (interval) training - running for five minutes then jogging for three and so on.
Fartlek. This is a Swedish term literally translating as ``speed play'' and should ideally be carried out for about 45-50 minutes over good grassland, commons or parks, using the variations in the terrain.
One particular method of increasing muscle strength and endurance is the so-called fartlek. This rather strangely named method of exercise is a Scandinavian means of interval training to condition our muscle function.
He follows the 'fartlek' inetrval session with the horsewalker, because that's the only way he can get enough horses exercised in a 'Celtic Tiger' economy, where lads can earn twice as much on a building site and have weekends off.
Fartlek training, which intersperses short-fast sections with long-slow sections during a continuous run, to great training for climbing.
| Fartlek - a form of athletic training in which intervals of intensive and much less strenuous exercise are alternated in one long continuous workout.