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A gene on chromosome 19p13.2 that encodes the alpha subunit of  phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase, a heterotetramer formed by two alpha and two beta units. FARSA is expressed in a regulated tumour-selective, cell cycle stage- and differentiation-dependent fashion.
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Fatal accident reporting system
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Q. I suspect that I may have Bipolar. I have not consulted with anyone so far. I am confused. I am suffering from emotional stress for quite some time and I realized that things are going out of my control. I suspect that I may have Bipolar. I have not consulted with anyone so far but I would like to know am I a bipolar?

A. Dagmar is right it will do you no good to self diagnose yourself. Go to your doctor and talk to the doctor about how you have been feeling, your doctor should test you for a proper diagnosis. If you do indeed have bipolar disorder then you can begin treatments that will teach you to manage the illness. But go see a doctor, preferably ask for a referral to a psychaitrist.

Q. What exactly is Autism? Why do one is Autistic and the other one isn't? there are levels of autism as far as i know .. How do i know in what level to categorize someone ?

A. it seems you have a lot of questions about Autism. if you seek info about it i suggest the following link. it'll give you a general idea and will direct you to the best sites about Autism.


Q. What exactly is Autism? Why do one is Autistic and the other one isn't? there are levels of autism as far i know ... i would like to know how does the scale look like ... and how do you categorize someone with a unique type of autism ?

A. Autism, part of a spectrum of diseases called “pervasive developmental disorders” is characterized by problems with communication, social interaction and behavior. In addition, more than two thirds of children with autistic disorder have mental retardation, although it is not required for the diagnosis.

Why does it occur? No one knows, although it’s thought to be due to a constellation of genetic predisposition and environmental conditions.

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Last June, former Governor-General of Fars province Esmayeel Tabadar announced his country's preparedness to assist Qatar to host tourists and players in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
In this retrospective study (February-May, 2017), using the archived data, we evaluated the screening of all neonates born in Fars province, Iran (2005- 2015).
From March 2014 to October 2017, 320 886 (48.0% girls and 52.0% boys) live births were screened in Fars province. The number of premature newborns was 15 381(4.8%); one neonate with Down syndrome was excluded from the study.
Keywords: Traffic accidents, Pattern of mortality, Fars province. (JPMA 66: 644; 2016)
* In accordance with annual statistics (2005), there were 265,627 women aged 25 to 34 years in Fars province. Assuming that they use sonography, at a cost of 3.14 US dollars per person, the total sonography cost would be 834,068.78 US dollars.
UNESCO has vowed to send experts to Iran to help Shiraz University researchers find a solution for the drought problem in Fars province.
The patients' residences were recorded and determined on the Fars province shape file map which included counties, rural districts, villages, and cities based on the latitudes and longitudes of the villages or cities from which the VL patients were referred.
This study aims at investigating the use of critical thinking in high school social science textbooks based on Fars Province teachers' attitudes in order to present a model for textbook development.
The cause of the early morning accident in the village of Khiareh in Fars province was still under investigation, he added.
A while ago at this site there was an exhibition commemorating the (1980-1988) Iran-Iraq war," Commander Ali Moayeri, police chief of Fars province, told Fars news agency.
Other gas fields are the 1.33-tcm North Pars, the 181-billion-cubic-meter (bcm) Khuff (Dalan) reservoir of the Salman oil field, the onshore Nar-Kangan fields, the 368-bcm Aghar and Dalan fields in Fars Province, and the Sarkhun and Mand fields.
The English-language Tehran Times reported Wednesday the director general of the Cultural Heritage Department of Fars Province denied reports about the discovery of Buddha statues in the province.