Arthur, English obstetrician and gynecologist, 1811-1887. See: Farre line.
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For being the nature of great spirits to love To be where they may be most eminent; They, rating of themselves so farre above Us in conceit, with whom they do frequent, Imagine how we wonder and esteeme All that they do or say; which makes them strive To make our admiration more extreme, Which they suppose they cannot, 'less they give Notice of their extreme and highest thoughts.
Attn: Mme Lorna FARRE, Cheffe de la Section Locale d~Architecture des 5me et 13me arrondissements
The company was represented by KatjaScharpwinkel, Senior Vice President Automotive Refinish Coatings EMEA, Carles Navarro Vigo, Managing Director Country Cluster Head Iberia, Christian Schneider, Site Manager Marchamalo /Director of Operations, and Ramon Farre Gaudier, Regional Business Manager Automotive Refinish Coatings Iberia.
Solo Albert Farre, que aborda el cuestionamiento del concepto de comunidad en la implantacion de agentes sanitarios locales, aporta la idea de movilidad e incluye en lo local los vinculos y estrategias de las poblaciones del sur de Mozambique, incluyendo su movimiento hacia Sudafrica.
Michael Jan Farre and Rench Michael Bondoc clinched second and third spots, both clocking in at 2:29:53.
According to Guillermo Farre, Head of General Entertainment for Turner in Southern Europe and Africa, TV screens all over Africa will never be the same again as Turner introduces a new and dynamic brand into television experience in Africa, its TNT Africa channel model.
Frenchman Henri Farre completed 175 paintings of air combat in World War I, a number of which are in the Air Force collection.
Commenting on the rebrand, Guillermo Farre, Head of General Entertainment for Turner in Southern Europe & Africa, said: "The TCM brand has had a strong classic association which doesn't reflect the actual brand proposition, or deliver the right message, to our African audiences.
Judith Farre Vidal (CSIC) y Leticia de Frutos Sastre cerraron el seminario con sus ponencias sobre las exequias americanas a Mariana de Austria.
A bridesmaid finisher to Irish star David McCann in the 2010 edition, Reynante disclosed that he's set to team up with fellow veteran Cris Joven, Jemico Brioso, Michael Farre and Michael Ochoa in carrying the colors of Team Bike Xtreme, one of six local squads in the 16-team field.