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Dean, U.S. naval officer, 1902-1959. See: Farnsworth-Munsell color test.
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In more recent years, Mr Farnsworth and his staff have managed to turn Musselburgh into a bright, welcoming place with excellent prize-money for a 'small' course.
The driver of the vehicle she collided with, Natasha Farnsworth, suffered serious injuries but survived.
Farnsworth as the company's new chief credit officer.
Farnsworth takes over as the new chief credit officer (CCO) for the company, from 18 July 2016.
Using words like epizeuxis, chiasmus and litotes, Farnsworth demonstrates in detail what can be done with major rhetorical figures (speech patterns), looks at the best of what has been done with them in English, presents the occasions for their use in systematic fashion, and offers explanatory comments.
In another key announcement,Discovery namedSimon Farnsworth, Senior Vice President, Olympic Technical Distribution.
com)-- The Kontras Quartet will perform inside the famed Farnsworth House as part of the Chicago Architecture Biennial on Saturday, December 12 at 3:00 PM.
this year, which Farnsworth described as a "happy coincidence" corresponding with CBT's 20th anniversary of awarding grants.
Farnsworth Award by the Television Academy at its 67th Engineering Emmy Awards in a ceremony on October 28 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel.
Colin Farnsworth wants to become the only teacher on the Eugene School Board.
Farnsworth Dunton and her husband Robert Farnsworth of Putnam, Ct; and Michael W.