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Sidney, U.S. pediatric pathologist, 1903-1973. See: Farber disease, Farber syndrome.
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Farber notes that the new findings give researchers a better understanding of how cells process lipids.
Honorees were Carole and Gordon Segal of Crate & Barrel; Douglas Bradshaw of Bradshaw International; and Sam Farber, founder of Copco and OXO.
Dixon Award for 2005 on Paul Farber, a retired partner at Ernst & Young who later worked at Eisner LLP.
Paul Farber is this year's recipient of the AICPA Tax Division's Arthur J.
Farber, an entertainment attorney, and Viagas, a theater critic, narrate the early life of Tom Jones, how he met Harvey Schmidt and decided to write The fantasticks, and the challenges and changes faced during the first production in 1959 and since.
Farber and Miller (1981) noted that teachers who experience symptoms of burnout might:
By Daniel Farber. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003.
By Seth Farber. Hanover, NH: Brandeis University Press in Association with The Rabbi Joseph B.
Network security protection means having and using a written security policy, says Farber. Also important is to review the policy periodically.
The parents were both life-master bridge players, and Farber's father was the 1941 amateur world champion in men's pairs.
Another challenge is legal reform, says Flor Farber of Keepy, a family-run company that makes and sells children's clothing.