Faraday effect

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Far·a·day ef·fect

(far'ă-dā e-fekt')
Result of planar rotation of polarized light seen when solutions are placed in a magnetic field.
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It is important to note that the signs of both the Faraday effect and also MCD in the samples studied, across the UV and visible spectral ranges, were the opposite with respect to these measured typically in bismuth-substituted yttrium iron garnets.
At first glance, the spectral dependencies of the Faraday effect and MCD measured over the range from 330 nm to 800 nm are attributed to the fact that the introduction of bismuth into the iron garnet structure leads to the appearance of a magneto-optical peculiarities between 330 and 500 nm.
In the paper, Chen predicts a new effect that can be used to detect the gravitational Faraday effect. His proposed observation requires monitoring the X-ray emissions from gravitationally lensed quasars.
"Specifically, the observed X-ray polarization of a gravitationally microlensed quasar should vary rapidly with time if the gravitational Faraday effect indeed exists," he said.
Faraday effect or Faraday rotation is a magneto-optical phenomenon.
In our case we are interested in assessment of electro-optic Kerr effect induced fiber PMD and Faraday effect induced state of optical polarization change influence to optical signal transmission.
Over a 100 years later, it was realized by the Bloembergen group at Harvard, in particular Peter Pershan, that the Faraday effect could be reversed, a circularly polarized laser pulse can induce magnetization in all material.
These constraints have deterred availability of Faraday effect isolators for on-chip optical systems till date.