artificial tooth

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ar·ti·fi·ci·al tooth

(ahrti-fishăl tūth)
A tooth made of plastic, porcelain, or metal used in a prosthetic device (e.g., a fixed or removable partial denture).
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AN OAP was in agony after swallowing a false tooth with a steel wire attached.
Staff at East Midlands Airport are attempting to reunite the strange possessions - including a discoloured false tooth - with their owners.
"The false tooth was a molar with a plate which was very discoloured and quite old.
East Midlands International Airport - have you recently lost a set of butcher's knives or maybe a discoloured false tooth?!
The bridge consists of two crowns on the anchoring teeth along with the false tooth in the centre.
FUNFA FAF IR fan Marianne Wells' almost choked to death on her false tooth at the Hoppings.
Marianne's day turned into a nightmare when she thought she was going to die after her false tooth and palate plate became lodged in the back of her throat and she collapsed.
London, May 28 ( ANI ): Archaeologists have discovered what could be remains of the earliest false tooth found in Western Europe.
It is possible the pin once held a false tooth made from either wood or bone, which could have rotted away.
Meanwhile, Cheryl asks Gilly out on a date, but it ends in disaster when they both lean in for a kiss to make Steph and Calvin jealous and Gilly's false tooth ends up in Cheryl's mouth, above.
A type of false tooth containing a tiny microchip that identifies its wearer has received Japanese and U.S.
An implant has four components: the anchor that is implanted into the jaw, the sleeve which is screwed into the anchor and juts up through the gums, the false tooth itself, and a tiny screw that attaches the false tooth to the sleeve.