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Q. Will drinking make me a handsome hero? My friend who is working in the movie making corporation told me that the secret behind the heroes & heroines is ‘drinking’. Will drinking make me a handsome hero?

A. this is completely false. drinking will not make you a handsome hero.

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IS says ancient shrines and statues are "false idols" that have to be smashed.
Luke's Gospel has Jesus reminding the Christians not to go off in pursuit of pretenders and false idols. Those who remained steadfast in community broke bread in memory of Jesus and found him in broken lives and in suffering.
In his homily, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle said that with the reopening of the Manila Cathedral, Filipinos should never forget who to worship and not give in to "false idols."
BRAY WYATT The head of the disturbing Wyatt Family is one of WWE's most terrifying and brutal athletes, overseeing attacks on and picking up wins over WWE's biggest heroes, who he claims are false idols. Having inserted himself into John Cena's business and seemingly got into the Cenation leader's head, Wyatt is ready to send a clear message without having to resort to his chilling preaching and take the biggest scalp of his ring career.
It is true that I have seldom coveted my neighbour's ox and nor have I worshipped false idols, unless Sir Leonard Hutton can be thus described.
Vincent and I" propelling a rock 'n' roll catharsis, an explosion of pent-up rage, especially with chant-ready refrains such as "When did we lose control?" in the song "False Idols Fall." It's the sort of line that, in repetition, gets an audience screaming along.
With irony and mocking sarcasm her performance reveals her "lost generation's" total awareness of the futility of quick fixes (jobs with no future) and false idols (media's portrayal of success and pop culture) - cutting to the root cause of our world's self-destructive and power-hungry motivation - which is unconsciousness of true values.
Against the corrosive "spirit of the times," Stoddart champions the truth of "perennial religion," expressions of which he views as holdouts against the seductive and false idols of the modern age.
In many old pagan religions, serpent symbols were common and often worshipped, so Patrick's driving the snakes from Ireland was probably symbolic of putting an end to the worshipping of false idols.
She describes 18th-century exoticism and China, China's journey from page to stage, China in early opera serie 1700-25, the enlightened imperial subject in Pietro Metastasio's 1752 L'eroe cinese, islands of opportunity in Carlo Goldoni's 1757 L'isola disabitata, rejecting false idols in Giambattista Lorenzi's 1767 L'idole cinese, and women traveling in new lands in Giovanni Bertati's 1771 L'inimico Distributed in the US by Associated University Presses.
And, inevitably, the desire turned salacious and the ambition to bring these false idols down a peg or two.
Instead, he focuses on the details of Hamsun's life, revealing in the process a "highly strung man at the mercy of his impulses." In tracing the development of Hamsun's literary career--from brash upstart hell-bent on tearing down the false idols of Norwegian literature to world famous Nobel Prize winner to eventual pariah--Kolloen's biography offers a study in paradox.