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(fə-lō′pē-ō), Gabriele 1523-1562.
Italian anatomist noted for his studies of the human reproductive system. The Fallopian tubes are named for him.
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Thus it is apparent to what extent the great Gabriele Fallopio wrestles with the Galenic tradition, according to which women also had seed in their genital fluids, although less than men.
(10.) Fallopio, 438: "Testes in foemina ad seminis generationem facti non apparent."
Posteriormente, Gabrielle Fallopio (1523-1562), medico y anatomista italiano, lo describio como una raiz nerviosa separada, pero su nombre se debe a William Mollins (1617-1691), un cirujano Ingles del siglo XVII (Afifi & Bergman), aunque tambien se le atribuye a Sommerring la designacion de este nombre.