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A form of torture which consists of beating the soles of the victim’s feet with a solid object, which disables the victim and minimises the risk of escape. The resultant soft tissue swelling can cause an intense compartmental syndrome resulting in necrosis
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Methods of physical torture include falanga, passing the board, suspension, hair torture, burns, dry submarine, wet submarino, telefona, forcing the person in abnormal position, forcing bamboo sticks under the fingernails, electric baton shock, irritant torture, cold torture, forced feeding and non- fatal shooting.
If anything, some of the contract furnishing companies that display at NeoCon will likely "receive a windfall" of business from the new and largest Mart tenant, according to Mark Falanga, president of Merchandise Mart Properties Inc.
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Falanga, owner of J&R and sole trustee of the plan, to roll over his plan assets when he resigned in January 2005.