Sunless Tanning Cream

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A lotion or cream containing Larrea divaricata or other vegetable extract, which regulates the skin's shedding process and enhances one normal skin colour, providing a sun-bronzed appearance in as little as 30 minutes without the requisite sun time. Sunless tanning creams provide no UV protection
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REALITY star Hughie Maughan has revealed he is bringing out his own fake tan range after his Dancing With The Stars disaster.
com, said: "If you follow these simple rules, you will get that perfect tanned finish without any noticeable patches" HAIR REMOVAL Wax or shave 24 hours before applying fake tan.
So I approached the Madame LA LA fake tan with some trepidation.
For the first time in my entire life, my evil friends decided to fake tan me.
Scousers buy 3,500 bottles of fake tan each day, inspired by local lasses Alex Gerrard and Coleen Rooney.
Let's be honest, who on earth would even start the whole fake tan process wearing anything white?
PROLONG your fake tan with a cool shower, says TV tanning guru James Harknett.
FAKE tan sales are down by a fifth as the trend sparked by TV shows Geordie Shore The Only Way Is Essex wears off, according to new data.
So the 'safe' option for many years has been to slap on the fake tan.
London, July 22 ( ANI ): Fake tan users can be afflicted with fertility problems and cancer, due to toxins present in the cosmetic, experts have revealed.