Fairy Wand

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A perennial herb, the rhizome and roots of which contain steroidal saponins; it is diuretic; it is used by Native American and Western herbalists as a uterine tonic, for morning sickness, and to promote menstrual flow
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While she loves bopping around to Girls Aloud and Sugababes, and sometimes even tries to sing herself to sleep with a rendition of Pink's SoWhat!, she likes nothing better than dancing at ballet class in a pink tutu with a fairy wand and singing Welsh nursery rhymes she has learned at school.
But, if there was one thing we could have changed it would have been that Hayley's pink fairy wand really was magic and she could make a wish that we could stay longer!
We first meet bad girl Sharpay (Lauren Hall) zipping along in a Jordan-tastic glittery pink golf buggy with zebra-striped seats and a fairy wand on the back.
Being true to her spirit, she didn't want to wear her fairy hat, but that did look a little silly, and wanted to bash people with her fairy wand (which actually I am secretly very proud of and found extremely funny).
The other is the reversionto-type shown by the decision to wave a fairy wand over the railtracks and set up a not-forprofit trust (with jobs for the boys of course).
Obviously, being threatened with a big stick by this government is no more than being prodded with a fairy wand.
Heather said: "The idea for the fundraiser we have is so we can do crafts with young people or adults as well - fairy wands, decorating of superhero motifs onto pieces of wood which they can take home or hang in the garden if they like.