Fainting Goat

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A breed of domestic goats which carries the gene for myotonia congenita which causes its muscles to stiffen for 5–10 seconds when startled, which often causes them to fall over (’faint’); they are otherwise completely normal
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They're on the bus," he said during a question-and-answer session at the Fainting Goat restaurant, his second stop of the day.
The Tennessee Meat breed has been developed from the Fainting goat by selecting for larger size and better meat confirmation, and crossbreeding so the recessive "fainting gene" is not expressed.
which also operates the fair petting zoo featuring unusual animals such as a Tennessee fainting goat, a Scottish black-face sheep and Sevastopol geese.
Adorable things are often most adorable in the middle of a pratfall or a blunder: Winnie the Pooh with his snout stuck in the hive; the 101 dalmatians of Disney's classic collapsing in double splits and sprawling across the ice; Love-a-lot Bear in The Care Bears Movie, who stares disconsolately out at us with a paint bucket overturned on his head; or, the grimmest example of the cruelty of cuteness, the real live fainting goat, which has acquired of late a perverse chic as a pet (bred with myatonia, a genetic disorder, it coyly folds up and faints when you scream at it).
A rare goat raised for meat and as something of a curiosity is the myotonic goat, also called the Tennessee fainting goat, the Texas nervous goat, or the wooden leg goat.
Fainting goat, Boer goat and Meat goat shows are the core of the festival, but visitors will also find a full slate of planned fun, including a pancake breakfast, parade, flea market, arts & craft show, acoustic, bluegrass, and country music featuring Ronnie Milsap and Cowboy Crush, food vendors, and children's activities.
Some notable breeds on the Conservancy's list include Texas Longhorn cattle, Clydesdale horses, Dominique chickens, and Tennessee Fainting goats, among others.
At this point I would have been going nuts, and I'm pretty sure I would have passed out like one of those fainting goats that tip over when they get too excited, so it's a good thing I wasn't there.
My wife and I compare these avoidance techniques to the actions of fainting goats.
At Ketonen-Clark Farm, a few people braved the driving morning rain to check out the pigs, miniature horse and fainting goats on display outside.
featured fainting goats and snails that paint in oils - all of them strange but true.
Fainting goats, cross-dressing cuttlefish and the Transylvanian naked-neck chicken are just some of the weird and wonderful creatures that dwell on Earth.