Failure to Fly

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Medspeak Referring to a patient’s inability to meet discharge criteria, or to a patient who suffers exacerbation of the admitting disease or other condition shortly after discharge, mandating readmission
Psychiatry Macabre humor referring to a suicide attempt
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While the incident can be partly attributed to my lack of KC-135 tanking experience, the primary cause was my failure to fly a smooth jet while in the basket.
And the speculation the grew out of defender Aidan O'Mahony's failure to fly to Portugal with the Kerry squad for their Easter training camp came to an end last night as O'Mahony returned to training with the squad.
CAIRO: Zimbabwean champions Gunners could be forced to withdraw from next month's Champions League tie with Ahly due to their potential failure to fly to Cairo.
That could be seen as a failure to fly an ATC clearance, and you might get read the riot act for it--or worse.