Fail Safe

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Referring to a mechanism or device incorporated in a system that ensures safety, should the system fail to function properly
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Field- and lab-proven "Fail Safe" properties similar to FBE (Norsworthy 2004).
Since the coating is "Fail Safe," the end user does not have to be as concerned about replacing the coating immediately.
By selecting "Fail Safe" pipeline-coating systems, the likelihood of reoccurring corrosion under disbonded coatings is significantly reduced or eliminated with adequate CE "Fail Safe" coatings are also less susceptible to SCC.
The Polyguard RD-6 mesh backed coating system is a high dielectric strength coating combined with "fail safe" properties, therefore CP requirements do not change significantly unless there is a considerable failure.
Those responsible for integrity management and direct assessment should include "fail safe" coating systems as part of their evaluations when selecting new, girth weld, repair and rehabilitation coatings.
With 18 cameras, two soundstages and a cadre of Hollywood's finest actors, "Fail Safe" was retro TV performed with the safety net of modern technology.
Undoubtedly too esoteric for the MTV generation, "Fail Safe" was a good match with CBS' older-skewing viewers.
The 7mm WSM will be topped with a 140-grain Ballistic Silvertip, and a 160-grain Fail Safe in the Supreme Line.
I've killed a deer with an X-bullet and a few weeks later another with a Fail Safe. Both fell where they stood so it's pretty hard to say one is better than the other or to complain about the results.
The Light Magnum Hornady, for example, averaged 1.2" for five, three-shot groups, and the Winchester Supreme 140 Fail Safes averaged just under 1.4".