Robert (Robin) Sanno, Swedish pathologist, 1888-1968. See: Fahraeus-Lindqvist effect.
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I recorded a total of 2159 beetle larvae, as well as 252 individuals of Pachymerus cardo (Fahraeus, 1839) (Bruchidae) inside pyrenes, in addition to 823 empty pyrenes each one with only one exit hole.
Therefore, previous studies have also indicated that outdoor learning is an active interaction process between learners and their environment (Fahraeus, 2004; Wilde, Harris, Rogers, & Randell, 2003).
In Anna Fahraeus and AnnKatrin Jonsson (Eds.), Textual ethos studies: Or, locating ethics (pp.
34 Alm A, Isaksson H, Fahraeus C, Koch G, AnderssonGare B, Nilsson M, et al.
Germinated seeds were aseptically planted in modified Leonard's bottle-jar containing the sand-vermiculite mixture watered with a Fahraeus nutrition solution [8].
The decrease in the average number of cells after the constriction may also illustrate the Fahraeus effect, that is, the decrease of the hematocrit with the decrease of vessel diameter in the microcirculation.