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The results from the factorial ANOVA that examined the effects of in-school music experience and outside/private instruction on the level of comfort teaching and leading music in the classroom are presented in Table 7.
Results from the mixed factorial ANOVA conducted on participants' second essays for both poor and wealthy conditions revealed a main effect of stereotype condition (F (1, 36) = 25.
A more detailed description of the principles and assumptions of the one factorial ANOVA is available in the literature (Wernecke 1995).
Shown in Table 4 is a two-way factorial ANOVA (2 x 2) of General self-esteem gain scores between pretests and posttests for groups (treatment and control) and gender.
Factorial ANOVAs found statistically significant temporal effects for dark-adapted yields in 8 of the 10 species tested (Table 3; also see Table 6).
2] factorial ANOVA design described above, the experimental subjects were assigned at random to all possible combinations of the two factors.
The effects of density on the rate of consumption of the three prey species were evaluated through two-way factorial ANOVA.
In order to test whether or not there was a statistically significant difference between the pre- and posttest loneliness scores in the experimental and control groups, completely randomized factorial ANOVA was used and the results are given in Table 2.
A factorial ANOVA was utilized to explore the interactions and effects of the organizational properties measured in the study (phlebotomy configuration, on the job training, and information on labels).
Factorial ANOVA and one-way ANOVA techniques were used to test the null hypotheses and to determine interactions between the independent variables of gender, ethnicity, and length of time in the co-op program and the dependent variables of the psychosocial and career-related functions of mentoring.