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But in August a rare blood clotting disorder, Factor V Leiden, caused a fatal pulmonary embolism, an inquest heard.
However, the patient was positive for the factor V Leiden heterozygous mutation.
Ancaster, Canada, November 30, 2015 --( According to the National Library of Medicine's Genetic Home Reference website, "Between 3 and 8 percent of people with European ancestry carry one copy of the factor V Leiden in each cell, and about 1 in 5,000 people have two copies of the mutation.
Objective: To determine the association of factor V Leiden mutation with recurrent pregnancy loss.
Objective: To determine the frequency of Factor V Leiden in cases of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Healthy controls.
Homozygous Factor V Leiden and Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase mutations were found in this patient.
16 June 2014 - US life sciences and clinical diagnostics company Agena Bioscience Inc said Monday that US genetic analysis service provider Sequenom Inc (NASDAQ:SQNM) had obtained US FDA 510(k) premarket approval for the IMPACT Dx Factor V Leiden, Factor II Genotyping Test and the IMPACT Dx System.
For example, heterozygous factor V Leiden, present in about 5% of whites, increases the incidence rate of VTE in young women from 1 in 10 000 annually to about 4-7 in 10 000.
Prothrombin (PT) (G20210A) [2], methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) (C677T) [1], and Factor V Leiden (G1691A) [3] are well-recognized genetic risk factors for venous thrombosis, while their role in patients with arterial thrombosis remains to be clarified.
Women were not excluded if they were heterozygous for a factor V Leiden mutation.
(4) WISN has not only been associated with acquired and hereditary deficiencies of proteins C and S, but also with activated protein C (APC) resistance secondary to Factor V Leiden mutation.