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Based on the data from the CBE, the share of the remaining sectors was estimated to be 24.6% of the total credit facilitations.
The family sector is the most prominent of these sectors, which the CBE did not mention in detail, though its share is estimated to be nearly 17% of the total facilitations provided.
The facilitations are distributed among the industrial sectors as follow: 16 projects in the domain of food industry, 7 in engineering industry, 4 in the chemical industry sector and one in the domain of textile industry.
Aboul Fotouh noted that the size of credit facilities provided to each sector is less than the credit facilitations provided to the government alone, as the industrial sector's percentage of facilitations is 35.6%, the services sector's facilitations represent 29.7%, while the trade sector receives 9.6% of these facilitations, and undistributed sectors were 24.1%.
The purpose of this study is to investigate facilitation in an online learning environment.

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