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Positive effects of mime therapy on sequelae of facial paralysis: stiffness, lip mobility, and social and physical aspects of facial disability.
The patients who underwent stapedectomy developed facial paralysis intraoperatively, but recovered within 4-5 hours after surgery.
Our patient had a 4-year history of facial paralysis. She had cosmetic concerns; however, she did not have a significant functional impairment.
Suominen, "Gelsolin amyloidosis as a cause of early aging and progressive bilateral facial paralysis," Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, vol.
The expression of the syndrome shows considerable variability in signs and symptoms with different levels of severity and involvement of orofacial structures from isolated facial paralysis to severe craniofacial malformations.
The deformity that results is known as developmental facial paralysis and in contrast to congenital facial paralysis, it does not completely resolve with time.
MRS is a rare disease characterized with a clinical triad consisting of permanent or recurring orofacial edema, recurring facial paralysis and fissural tongue.
Multi-professional intervention in cases of facial paralysis allows the amount of information of different specificities to obtain the comprehensive care of the patient.
(1) Neoplasm-induced facial paralysis accounts for only 5 to 10% of all cases of facial weakness resulting in a gradual or partial paresis.
A she buffalo was presented with unilateral facial paralysis. The etiology was identified by video-otoscopy as otitis media due to presence of Railletia auris, an ear mite.