facial neuralgia

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tri·gem·i·nal neu·ral·gi·a

severe, paroxysmal bursts of pain in one or more branches of the trigeminal nerve; often induced by touching trigger points in or about the mouth.
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Bell’s palsy

Acute peripheral paralysis of the face due to a herpes simplex immune-mediated condition, often characterised by severe pain arising in the trigeminal nerve, the chief sensory nerve of the face, which arises in cranial nerve VII.
Clinical findings
Abrupt onset, drooping mouth, unblinking eye, twisted nose, uneven smile, distorted expressions; paralysis hits maximum in 1 to 14 days; retroauricular pain, facial numbness, epiphora, parageusia, decreased tearing, hyperacusis, hypoesthesia or dysesthesia of cranial nerves (CN V and IX), motor paresis of CN IX and X, papillitis of tongue.
Risk of Bell’s palsy increases with age; age 10 to 19, 2:1 female:male ratio; age 40, 3:2 men:women ratio; pregnant women have 3.3 times increased risk than nonpregnant; DM = 4.5 times increased risk of BP; 10% of patients have positive family Hx of BP.
DiffDx, unilateral
Tumours or masses, otitis media, sarcoid, Lyme disease, skull fracture, facial injury.
DiffDx, bilateral
Guillain-Barré syndrome, Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome, Möbius syndrome, motor neuron disease, myasthenia gravis.

Trauma, Bell’s palsy, stroke, parotid tumours, intracranial tumours.
Microvascular and micro-neurosurgical tissue transfers allow restoration of functional, unconscious, symmetrical facial movements; acyclovir; steroids (uncertain efficacy); artificial tears; neuromuscular retraining—e.g., mirror/visual feedback, biofeedback or electromyography feedback.
60 to 80% recover, especially if incomplete paralysis, and patient is young.
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tri·gem·i·nal neu·ral·gi·a

(trī-jem'i-năl nūr-al'jē-ă) [MIM*190400]
Severe, paroxysmal pain in one or more branches of trigeminal nerve; often induced by touching trigger points in or about the mouth.
Synonym(s): facial neuralgia, tic douloureux.
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To begin with, Charles inherited from his father an extraordinarily painful facial neuralgia, the treatment of which consisted in the use of and subsequent addiction to powerful narcotics.
Steroids can be useful in ophthalmic herpes to protect the eye and prevent facial neuralgia later.
Eagle Syndrome is an uncommon but well-described entity with a nonspecific clinical presentation; more benign manifestations include globus sensation, dysphagia, facial neuralgias, throat pain, and cranial neuropathies, for which a differential is extensive.