facial asymmetry

fa·cial a·sym·me·try

(fāshăl ā-simĕ-trē)
The condition that one half of the face is not equivalent or the same as the other half.
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Herein, we presented a case of botulinum toxin-induced facial asymmetry who had cerebral palsy accompanied by bruxism.
However, the paramount importance of posteroanterior (PA) cephalometry should be stressed as it allows professionals to examine facial asymmetry in the transverse plane while allowing the clinical observation of an individual's face in frontal view (Leonardi, Annunziata, & Caltabiano, 2008; Ulkur, Ozdemir, Germec-Cakan, & Kaspar, 2016).
8,9] The most common symptoms are facial asymmetry, bone mass, blurred vision, headache, epiphora, eyelid position abnormalities, loss of visual field, diplopia, sinusitis, epistaxis and hearing loss.
The facial asymmetry was treated successfully with botulinum toxin A injection, hyaluronic acid dermal filler injection, and a thread-lift procedure.
As for facial asymmetry in frontal norm, our results showed the occurrence of facial asymmetry both in individuals with DFD-II and DFD-III.
16-year-old patient with facial asymmetry by hemimandibular hyperplasia
Cancer in the mouth can present in various ways such as: | Persistent non-healing ulcer; | White patch of the mouth | Red patches in the oral cavity; | Lumps in the mouth and neck; | Unaccounted facial pain; | Unexplained facial asymmetry.
A variety of craniofacial anomalies have also been reported in KFS, few of which are quite common, such as cleft palate and bifid uvula (15%) and facial asymmetry (13%), whereas others are represented by isolated cases.
An 8-year-old girl referred to the Dental Department presented with right facial asymmetry due to a slow growing painless swelling of 6-month duration.
Relationship between temporomandibular joint internal derangement and facial asymmetry in women.
Others were considered mild and included dry eye, nosebleed, and facial asymmetry.