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'We are able to cut the telephone line that communicates pain from the facet joint to the rest of the body,' Copenhaver said.
Computed tomography of the cervical spine was performed, revealing bony ankylosis of both facet joints (Figure 1).
In the lumbar MRI, there was a 10x7 mm ovoid extradural intraspinal cystic formation at the right paramedian location at the level of L4-5, in the neighborhood of the right facet joint. The smoothly contoured lesion appeared [T.sub.1]-hypointense, [T.sub.2]-hyperintense, and it showed a connection with the facet joint; there was also an increase in the joint fluid.
The unique anatomic features of the L5-S1 space include a large facet joint, narrow foramen, small disc space, and a wide interlaminar space.
Sex, age, histories of low back surgery, complaining of neurogenic claudication, symptomatic sites of patients, FJI sites, number of sites of FJI, triamcinolone dosage, Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) before and after treatment, facet joint capsule rupture during treatment, and improvement of neurogenic claudication after treatment, were examined.
Existence of two separate facet joints on the same side: Case of a congenital anomaly.
In addition, the DTRAX instruments allow surgeons to access the posterior cervical spine to perform posterior cervical fusion by decorticating the bony surfaces of the posterior lateral mass and articular surfaces of the facet joints. The instruments then enable the application of autograft or allograft bone, concluded the company.
The ligamentous structures contributing to iliolumbosacral stability include the supraspinous ligament, ligamentum flavum, interspinous ligament, iliolumbar ligament, lateral lumbosacral ligament, and the facet joint capsule.
This prospective and double-blind study was conducted on 118 patients with lumbar facet joint pain following the approval of the local ethics committee.
Facet joint (FJ) is a part of the three-column structure of the vertebrae and plays an important role in load transmission and maintenance of the stability of the spinal motion.
In the present case, the cysts did not communicate with the facet joint but were instead imbedded in the ligamentum flavum intraoperatively, and we found no synovial lining on microscopic examination.