Face Plant

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The falling of a person on his face without having having used his hands or arms to soften the blow
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After an unprecedented autumn face plant by the CFL Eskimos, and the nine months of Edmonton Oiler agony from Chris Pronger's treachery to Ryan Smyth's defection, I was more than ready for the distraction of working on my fantasy-league baseball team.
She said: "Just as Jennifer Garner stepped out, I said: 'Wouldn't it be awful if she fell over?' and she skidded, narrowly avoiding a face plant.
Even though it was February, we bundled up enough to enjoy base activities such as snowshoeing, an exhilarating snowmobile ride across a frozen lake and a short, but memorable, dog sled ride that included a face plant when I failed to properly lean into a sharp curve.
How the lady overseeing the lift managed to keep a straight face as we slid off for a few seconds only to catch an edge and do face plant after face plant in the snow at her feet, I'll never know.
So many threats face plant life that it is possible to write entire books about them.
A couple of years went by and I got pretty good at skiing until my left ski tip started crossing over the top of my right, which causes an immediate face plant. I thought I was just getting too confident or something.
An Atlanta Hawks cheerleader had to be carted off the court on a stretcher after suffering a nasty face plant during one of the team's cheering routines.
Just as he looked at me, I slipped and did a face plant in the mud.
Family activities include making a Valentine's card; football skills, demonstrations and workshops; discover how everyday household items can be transformed into beauty treatments; wacky face plant potting; health checks and advice, plus refreshments will be available.
Plus, I already watched Dev Dogg face plant numerous times jumping down El Toro.