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(Fabrizzi) (fă-bris'iē-us),
Girolamo (Hieronymus ab Aquapendente), Italian anatomist and embryologist, 1537-1619. See: bursa fabricii.
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"We've no evidence corals can adjust to rapid temperature changes--maybe over hundreds of thousands of years, but that's not the scale we're now dealing with," counters Fabricius.
The prediction under test in this paper is thus that the size of the bursa of Fabricius and the spleen is larger in hole-nesting and colonially breeding birds than in closely related species being open nesters or solitary breeders.
There is, however, a good chance that Fabricius's observations were not the first of Mira on record.
In 1603 an Italian physician, Girolamo Fabrici (1537-1619), better known by his Latinized name of Fabricius ab Aquapendente, studied the veins of the legs and noted that they had little valves along their length.
(pen name of Sara Margarethe Fabricius, 1880 - 1974) Norwegian novelist.
The variable genus Halys was first described by Fabricius (1803) to accommodate the type species Cimex dentatus Fabricius (1775).
ROD FABRICIUS, who retired at the beginning of the year after three decades as Goodwood racecourse manager, followed Sir Eric Parker, Jack Berry and Sir Peter O'Sullevan as the fourth recipient of the award named in memory of former ROA president Chris Deuters, and given for services to the racing industry, writes Howard Wright.
Report author Andrew Fabricius said: "UK consumers enjoy the flexibility of paying over a longer time."
Using the conventional PCR test, DuCV DNA was detected in 85 (84%) of 101 bursa of Fabricius samples from dead or sick ducks, between 1 and 12 weeks old, and in samples from 35 (94%) of 37 flocks.
"It's interesting that we are laying Tamarinbleu over Marcel," said Ladbrokes spokesman Balthazar Fabricius.
'It may cost us a fortune but we just cannot see past the Americans,' said spokesman Balthazar Fabricius. 'We have never before taken such a strong view against them before.'

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