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Knud H., Danish physician, 1862-1956. See: Faber anemia, Faber syndrome.
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Both Emma and Catrina work for Faber Maunsell, the award-winning design consultancy specialising in buildings, transportation and the environment.
Faber was injured in 1919 and pitched only 163 innings for the White Sox that year.
At GMA Faber said he expects "to advocate commonsense public policy solutions to the issues confronting the food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods industry.
The board is comprised of the managing directors of IPP Logipal's three regional businesses based in France, UK and the Netherlands together with three Faber Halbertsma Group directors.
Faber was born in 1814 to a family who were largely Evangelical in their beliefs.
Using the manuals that came with the RoboDrill, Faber taught himself to run it "in a day or so" and later trained one of his employees.
The weather was bad all the time, and supplies were hard to get," Faber said.
Mr Faber, 54, of Dinas Powys, had maintained he was fired for appearing in a BBC Wales TV documentary to warn that vulnerable children were in danger due to a lack of resources in the city.
The language Faber creates for Isserling is eerily pitch-perfect.
Hong Kong-based stock market guru Marc Faber -- known as Dr Doom -- says the Internet could be a "profit killer" for old economy companies.
By Eli Faber (New York and London: New York University Press, 1998.