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Monoclonal Antibody Conjugate to Agonize FSH Receptor for Women Infertility - Drug Profile 126
Preliminary data on large cohorts of samples revealed genetic biomarkers linked to spontaneous ovulation for PCOS patients, efficacy of low molecular weight heparin for the prevention of spontaneouse abortion, specific allells of FSH receptor linked with OHSS or poor response to controlled ovarian hyperstimulation.
One of the possible causes is a mutation in the FSH receptor gene.
The FSH receptor (FSHR) is a plasma membrane receptor that, along with the LH/ hCG receptor, belongs to the G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) superfamily (Minegishi et al.
12) reported an increased number of Sertoli cells found on biopsy, with normal FSH levels, which might have been due to FSH receptor hyperfunction.
It confers its specific biologic action and is responsible for interaction with the FSH receptor (Simoni et al.
Finally, the concomitant investigation of the pattern of the IGF-1 and FSH receptor expression during the differentiation of COC provides further information on the possible synergistic actions between IGF-1 and FSH.
For more purification, flow cytometry method with FSH receptor antibody was used.
The research team found that the antibodies located the FSH receptor on the cells that form the blood vessel walls in the periphery of tumors, extending both internally and externally in the immediate vicinity of the tumor.
The KGN ovarian granulosa-like tumor cell line, which expresses a functional FSH receptor, was established from a patient with an invasive ovarian granulosa cell carcinoma, as described previously (Nishi et al.