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Abbreviation for first rank symptoms , under symptom.
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Abbrev. for Fellow of the Royal Society.


Abbrev. for Fellow of the Royal Society of Radiographers (Radiography).


Abbrev. for Fellow of the Royal Society of Radiographers (Radiotherapy).
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Mapagu reminded them, along with welcoming FRs, that they should also ensure that their constituents will not be enticed to join the NPA.
Based on 2017 data, total FG funds will amount to P2.2 trillion, while the total for FRs is P1.1 trillion.
FRS' fleet includes RoPax ferries, passenger ferries, high speed catamarans for vehicles and passengers, crew transfer vessels for the wind offshore industry, hovercrafts, water taxis, and electric-powered solar ferries.
As the background screening industry's most widely used technology, FRS offers our B2B clients with a foundation of rock solid background screening solutions that allow them to attract and maintain top customers who demand accuracy and speed when screening individuals.
Out of the target population of 933678 children of FATA and FRs, set to be vaccinated in October, only 357 (or 0.4%) missed anti-polio drops due to refusals by parents, whereas only 9461 (or 1.01%) children could not be vaccinated because of their non-availability at home.
FRS is a widely used gender-specific algorithm, developed from the data obtained from the famous Framingham heart Study, to estimate the 10-year risk of developing coronary heart disease (CHD).
Ripples and FRs were analyzed by Advanced Source Analysis (ASA) (ASA, The Netherlands) software.
The exhibition, which forms part of the 1940's festival features audio visual material and interviews with former members of the FAU and the FRS.
The new infrastructure has strengthened FRS's disaster recovery capabilities with the creation of an onsite virtual server environment with back-up to ITPS's own high security data centre, as well as the installation of a wireless network across the service's 16 remote sites.
ACCOUNTANTS and business advisers BDO LLP welcomed guests from the real estate community to its real estate sector focused FRS 102 seminar.
This one-day course is designed to advise qualified accountants in the UK on how the transition from UK Gaap to FRS 102 will affect their work.