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Abbreviation for first rank symptoms , under symptom.


Abbrev. for Fellow of the Royal Society.


Abbrev. for Fellow of the Royal Society of Radiographers (Radiography).


Abbrev. for Fellow of the Royal Society of Radiographers (Radiotherapy).


n “flexed rotated side-bent,” an osteopathic abbreviation used to describe vertebral position in cases of spinal dysfunction.
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A global ferry and shipping group, FRS currently operates 60 vessels and carried over 7m passengers and 1.
With regard to investment property, FRS 102 requires that revaluation gains and losses are recognised directly in the P&L account.
The researchers then tallied the rates of myocardial infarction, vascular death, or stroke in these two subgroups during 2 years of follow-up, and compared the rates between the two FRS groups in a multivariate analysis that controlled for baseline differences in age, race, prior stroke, body mass index, heart failure, carotid endarterectomy stroke severity, alcohol use, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, triglyceride levels, mean systolic blood pressure while in the study, antidyslipidemia drug treatment, antithrombotic drug treatment.
Outsourcing to FRS eliminates costly cash-flow interruptions, for instance, when in-house billing resources take a leave.
FRS 1000 was formulated according to a patented formula provided by New Sun Nutrition LLC (Carpinteria, CA, USA).
Two new lines of business were broken out in the FRS survey in 2003, downstream natural gas and electric power.
FRS administrators plan to sell the company for a profit in the future.
When they first hit the market, I tried a pair of FRS radios.
The mobile tool room and work station offers welding capability, has work lights and "more tools than you can imagine," said FRS operator SPC Brandon Schmidt of the Stryker Brigade's Field Maintenance Company at Fort Lewis, Wash.
Conquest Alliance Group Inc, in agreement with CompuBlox Inc, deployed the AcSys FRS access control solution at the airport for a Transport Canada pilot project.
FRS is a unique, patented face recognition technology that uses biomimetics -- a technology that mimics the analytical processes of the human mind by modeling the neural structure of the brain down to individual neural cell types, rather than relying on measurements for recognition.