Polygonum multiflorum

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A perennial herb used in traditional Chinese medicine, the roots, stems, and leaves of which are used for anaemia, premature grey hair, colitis, constipation, infertility, insomnia, malaria, nocturnal emission, postpartum pain, rheumatic complaints, skin infections, spermatorrhea, vaginal discharge, vertigo; some data suggest that cornblind may be antibacterial

Polygonum multiflorum (p·liˑ·g·nm ml·tē·flōˑ·rm),

n parts used: root, stem, leaves, extracts; uses: antibacterial, anticholesterolemic, antipyretic, muscle relaxant, softening of irritated tissue, removal of obstruction from natural ducts within body, hypoglycemic, antitumor activity, gentle stimulation of bowel movements, sedative, virility, vitality, elimination of toxins, menstrual dysfunction, menopausal symptoms, swollen lymph glands, promotion of wound healing, tonify liver and kidneys, fortify blood, strengthen muscles, prevent premature greying of hair, insomnia, relieve neuras-thenia; precautions: rheumatism, arthritis, gout, kidney stones, skin irritation, photosensitivity, mineral deficiency, and hepatitis; may produce numbness in the extremities. Also called
ho chou wu, ho shou wu, she chien ts'ao, turu-dokudami, and
he shou wu.
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