false-negative ratio

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false-negative ratio



The ratio of subjects affected by an illness whose test results wrongly suggest they are disease-free to all those subjects who have the disease. The false-negative ratio of a test is useful in determining the test's reliability (i.e., the higher the ratio, the less reliable the test).

A high FNR may be biological or analytical in origin. Biological false-negative test results may occur when a test is performed at the wrong stage of an illness (e.g., before an antibody or antigen is found in the blood). Analytical false negatives may result when a test lacks adequate sensitivity or specificity to detect an agent that is already present.

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Following the interaction, the FNR members interacted with various organizations including students, scholars and elders of the community here at Nagaland House.
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Furthermore, FNR considers a problem to system security, and then, it computes the number of bot records classified as normal; thus, the constructor or designer attempts to reduce or eliminate this value every time.
where false positive rate (FPR) denotes the percentage of incorrectly identified normal flight data and false negative rate (FNR) denotes the percentage of incorrectly identified abnormal flight data
We have examined the nerve volume (NV), fascicle volume (FV), epineurial volume (EV), fascicles to nerve volume ratio (FNR), and nerve cross-sectional areas (CSA), comparing a population of subjects affected by DPN with a group of sex/age matched healthy volunteers.