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The accuracy of FNA biopsy is "surprisingly good," Dr.
False-positive results for malignancy following FNA biopsy are uncommon.
Finally the results of FNA biopsy in 15 patients were suggestive for benign thyroid lesion and in 3 patients the results were either compatible with or highly suggestive for malignancy.
FNA biopsy has become the procedure of choice, due to its accuracy, safety, and cost-effectiveness, for the initial evaluation of thyroid nodules and determination of malignancy risk [20].
Detecting a MYB translocation in a FNA biopsy specimen with the morphologic diagnosis of "basaloid neoplasm" could provide a more precise preexcision diagnosis of AdCC.
The reports of all patients who underwent thyroid FNA biopsy and thyroidectomy with histologic evaluation were reviewed in accordance with institutional review board guidelines.
(20) On the contrary, other reports suggest that the hazards of FNA biopsy of vascular lesions have been overstated.
In the last 20 years, FNA biopsy has evolved as the most accurate and sensitive diagnostic tool for the initial screening of patients with thyroid nodules in the United States.[8,13,14] The ideal goal is to identify and surgically remove malignant nodules, while avoiding surgical intervention in benign lesions.
The standard gold method for differentiating TNs is the histopathological evaluation after FNA biopsy. FNA cytology recommended for nodules > 1 cm.
Clinical management of thyroid nodules should be guided by the combination of US evaluation and FNA biopsy. [17] FNA biopsy is currently the best triage test for the preoperative evaluation of thyroid nodules.