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Abbreviation for foot-and-mouth disease.
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A gene on chromosome Xq28 that encodes filamin A, an actin-binding protein which crosslinks actin filaments, binding them to membrane glycoproteins. Filamin A is involved in remodelling the cytoskeleton to effect changes in cell shape and migration; it interacts with integrins, transmembrane receptor complexes and second messengers.

Molecular pathology
Defects in FLNA cause:
• Cardiac valvular dysplasia X-linked;
• Frontometaphyseal dysplasia;
• Melnick-Needles syndrome;
• Otopalatodigital syndromes types 1 and 2;
• Periventricular nodular heterotopia types 1 and 4; and
• Terminal osseous dysplasia.
Defects may also cause macrothrombocytopaenia.
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Golde's other work includes testing an automated, needle-free, vaccine-delivery device called "DermVac," which induces stronger immunity with less FMD vaccine.
(3) Those FMD cases involving multiple vascular beds, however, would undoubtedly have a more complex course that would logically be related to the arterial segments involved.
In addition to executing finance support operations, A/9th FMD Soldiers inventoried, documented, and transported a significant amount of equipment to the turn-in sites on their FOBs.
Other flags to trigger suspicion of FMD include hypertension that begins before age 35 (although it can also start later in life), treatment-resistant hypertension, epigastric bruit and hypertension, renal infarction, cervical bruit in a patient less than 60 years old, transient ischemic attack or stroke in a patient less than 60 years old, or an aortic aneurysm in a patient less than 60 years old.
"Our work suggests that movement bans of between 15km and 60km are optimal for FMD while for BTV the optimal policy is to allow all movements," said Dr Mike Tildesley of Warwick's Zeeman Institute for Systems Biology and Infectious Disease Epidemiology Research.
Zambia on the other hand, he said had an FMD outbreak including the outbreak of lung disease in Namibia and therefore urged farmers to intensify taking care of their livestock by ensuring that it did not cross into such countries.
At a news conference held on Monday morning, the COA gave an account of the serious FMD outburst in Taiwan that started in 1997.
?Pakistan and FAO successfully implemented FMD program that resulted in low disease burden however with increased frequency of reporting of FMD cases in the country.
A total of 87 A-type FMD cases took place from 2010-2016, and only three pigs were infected with the strain, according to the ministry.
Mongolian quarantine officials have had 3,268 domestic animals slaughtered since the beginning of this year in the country to contain the spread of the deadly foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), Xinhua reported citing Mongolia's Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Ministry.
According to the company, the new seeds are the first to use a live adenovirus as a vector for select genes from FMD virus.
to comply with the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) requirements.