Abbrev. for Fellowof the Medical Council of General Practitioners (Nigeria).
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O T Akinrinade, (1) BTech, MPH; I O Ajayi, (2) MBBS, MCLSC, MPH, PhD, FMCGP, FWACP; A A Fatiregun, (3) MBBS, MSc Epid, FWACP; E E Isere, (3) BSc, MPH; B O Yusuf, (2) BSc, MSc, PhD, CStat
Barnabas T Alayande * MBBS, Isaac Olusayo Amole ** ([PSI]) FWACP and David Akin OlaOlorun ** FMCGP
Isaac Olusayo Amole ([PSI]) FWACP(FM), Akintayo David OlaOlorun FMCGP and Akinwumi Olayinka Owolabi FWACP(FM)