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A staff of sales traders, floor brokers and operational support team executes transactions in exchange listed equity and index options, exchange traded funds, FLEX options and listed structured equity derivative products, and AMEX listed securities.
In fact, since First Tennessee began offering flex options in 1992, the average absenteeism has dropped from about six days to one and a half; employee retention rates increased from 78 to 84 percent.
Trading Edge will work with the CBOE to build a highly customized web-based system for trading CBOE's FLEX options, which allow institutional markets/participants, such as pension funds, money managers and insurance companies, to meet their investment objectives by customizing certain terms of an option contract.
Since their inception, CBOE's FLEX options have traded $420 billion and have quickly become a viable alternative to the over-the-counter market," said William J.
Flex options in the PG-64 set include R300 (regular) S300 (stiff) and X100 (extra stiff).
FLEX Options allow investors to design customized options, with expiration dates of up to three years.