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Abbreviation for free induction decay.
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Abbreviation for free induction decay.
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(de-tek'tor) [L. detector, revealer]
A device for determining the presence of something, e.g., an image detector.

flame ionization detector

Abbreviation: FID
A device used in gas chromatography in which a sample burned in a flame changes the conductivity between two electrodes.

flat field image detector

Flat panel image detector.

flat panel image detector

An image detector, usually composed of selenium or silicon, used in digital radiography to convert x-rays into light or an electronic signal.
Synonym: flat field image detector

image detector

Any device used in radiology to receive and record energy emitted in imaging from its source. Examples of image detectors are x-ray cassettes, imaging plates, ultrasonic transducers, and flat panel detectors.

lie detector


optical detector

The sensor in a typical colorimeter or photometer that senses the light transmitted by the sample.

radiation detector

An instrument used to detect the presence of radiation.
See: dosimeter

Toftness radiation detector

A device promoted as a means of detecting energy released by damaged spinal nerves. It was used in the late 20th century in chiropractic. The device has no diagnostic or therapeutic value and is illegal to use in the U.S.

flame ionization detector

Abbreviation: FID
A device used in gas chromatography in which a sample burned in a flame changes the conductivity between two electrodes.
See also: detector
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A study is planned to evaluate the FID in adolescents, and another is ongoing and is looking at the FID in everyday use among 36 adults with type 1 diabetes.
As the dominant mode of discourse in the novel is FID, shifts of tense, and adjusted pronouns--which are the elements of the first subcategory of the category of grammatical features--are used throughout the novel.
These cultural engagement specialists will support NSW squadrons and conduct tactical questioning, provide translation in support of FID and SFA, and act as cultural advisors.
La utilizacion posterior del WISCIII (version modificada del WISC-R) constato diferencias en las que el FID y el factor de velocidad de procesamiento (FVP) fueron significativamente mas bajos que FOP y FCV en casos de TDAH (Calhoun y Mayes, 2005; Naglieri, Godstein, Iseman y Schwebach, 2003).
The FID office also directed all pharmacies and medical stores that following the drug laws, no medicine could be sold to any individual without the prescription of the medical officer.
"The Kenya Joint Venture (KJV) and the Government of Kenya continue to work together to achieve Final Investment Decision (FID) by the end of 2019, subject to reaching timely agreements on various project requirements from GoK.
Despite a rebalancing global liquefied natural gas (LNG) market, 2019 will be a record year for LNG project sanction, with in excess of 60 million metric tons per annum (mmtpa) of capacity likely to take final investment decision (FID), well above the previous 45 mmtpa sanctioned in 2005 and a tripling of the 21 mmtpa sanctioned in 2018, Trend reports citing Wood Mackenzie research and consulting company.
Asif Iqbal Doha Qatar's lowest breakeven price for all of its planned LNG projects across the world, poses a challenge to several liquefaction trains in the US that are ready to take final investment decision (FID), Norway-based energy research and business intelligence company has said.