Fatigued Athlete Myopathic Syndrome

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A condition that can be regarded as an irreversible end-stage result of overtraining. Common to these athletes is a history of high volume endurance training and racing, a precipitous decline in performance unrelated to ordinary ageing, and an inability to tolerate and adapt to previously accustomed exercise training loads.
DiffDx Over-training. In contrast to FAMS, over-training is an acute consequence of doing too much too fast for too long at one time which, with rest and a gradual buildup of exercise, allows the athlete to return to the previous level of training a speed. FAMS athletes are worn out and can’t return to previous training loads; extensive rest periods do not alleviate the symptoms, as rest does with over-training.
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Results from the FAMS indicated that the students were more motivated when they were studying subjects that they find more interesting.
Abbreviations: AHCPR = Agency for Health Care Policy and Research; BDI = Beck Depression Inventory; BDI-FS = BDI-Fast Screen; CBT = cognitive-behavioral therapy; DSM = Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders; DSM-IV = DSM, Fourth Edition; ECT = electroconvulsive therapy; FAMS = Functional Assessment of Multiple Sclerosis; IFN = interferon; IL = interleukin; MRI = magnetic resonance imaging; MS = multiple sclerosis; POMS = Profile of Mood States; QOL = quality of life; SEG = supportive-expressive group (therapy); SIT = stress inoculation training; SSRI = selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor; STAR*D = sequenced treatment alternatives to relieve depression; TMAP = Texas Medication Algorithm Project; TNF = tumor necrosis factor; VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
Factor analysis of the modified FAMS revealed two factors.
On FAMS, the European industrial team now set up consists of Aerospatiale, Selenia, Thomson-CSF, BAe, GEC Marconi and the Spanish organisation Ibermisil.
The "It's Chico Time" singer, 48, was in Hamilton for a promotional event last month when FAMS volunteer Michelle Coyle spotted the performer in the town centre.
FAMS' petition calls for suicide awareness, education and training to become mandatory for all secondary school pupils, teachers, carers and parents.
Wishaw charity Families and Friends Against Murder and Suicide (FAMS) scooped top honours at the Daily Record and Sunday Mail Scotland's Champions awards.
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