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Este metodo agrupo tres grupos, donde el CA1 pertenece a FA1 y donde CA3 representa los sitios de monitoreo con menor influencia de las actividades mineras por las direcciones predominantes de los vientos (direccion NE-E).
These facies are grouped, from base to top, in four facies associations (FA 1 to FA4) that are assignable to distinct depositional environments (braided fluvial, FA1; tidal-fluvial estuarine, FA2; high-energy, tidally coastal bars and channels, FA3; and offshore, FA4).
As for 150[degrees]C temperature, weight losses lower than 10% apply to almost every foam type obtained from B polyols and those foams get from A polyols, which are characterized by higher boron content (Table 7; FB1-FB3 and FA1, FA2).
The cleavage of DLK-1 into a transmembrane and a soluble protein (termed PREF-1 in mice and FA1 in humans) is described as being mandatory to inhibit the adipogenic differentiation of stromal cells [20].
Data from the codon sequence analysis were used to design synthetic primers Fa1, Fb1, and Fc1 and to generate the first huIFNa2a synthetic fragment (fragment 1) by PCR assembly (Fig.
(3.) In Example 1, Canco, a corporation resident in Canada, owns all the shares of FA1, a U.S.
The free androgen index (FA1) was calculated as the molar ratio of total testosterone to SHBG.
The flyash used in FAP1, a Class F flyash (ASTM C618 specifications) (ASTM 2003) denoted as FA1, was obtained from Gladstone Power Station in south-east Queensland.
Using the homocedastic factor analytic (FA1) structure (Jennrich and Schluchter, 1986) to model the variance and covariance matrix of the GE interaction terms within environment.