F. nucleatum

F. nucleatum,

n a genus of schizomycetes bacterium often seen in necrotic tissue and implicated, but not conclusively, with other organisms in the causation and perpetuation of periodontal disease.
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Both Gin4 and OKF4 supernatants enhanced HIV-1 promoter activation, with a notable enhancement when supernatants from OKF4 were challenged with extract from F.
The BG24 macrophage lines were also tested on the same bacterial sonicates, and F.
De la comparacion entre los extractos diluidos a 50 [micron]g/mL, los resultados con mayores valores los presento el extracto hidroalcoholico de Camellia sinensis, excepto sobre F.
Postmortem microbial studies of the infant found the presence of F.
The bacteria from the vaginal and rectal areas did not show the presence of F.
Oral Pathogens by Periodontal and Pregnancy Status Fusobacterium Prevotella F.
To test this hypothesis, we intravenously injected F.
In a parallel study conducted at the same time, pregnant mice were again injected with F.
Additionally, immunohistochemical analysis of placental tissue was conducted to determine where the organisms were located at 24, 48, and 72 hours following injection of either the F.