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Abbreviation for roentgen to rad conversion factor.
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The offset term makes the test procedure and the necessary equation for the general method, such as F-factor and Z-factor method, complex to measure the loss of the quasi-optics using the radiometer receiver.
s new F-Factor has high levels of fiber (12 grams), 5 grams of fat and is made with no genetically engineered ingredients.
Invest in a few look-at-me foliage plants, the odd phormium or other spiky architectural gem, an acer and some soft grasses, and you'll achieve an F-factor of your own
Other presentations will be given on the long term effects of a poor diet, food and behaviour, the F-Factor project, key messages for healthy eating, nutritional standards.
Rather than being hit by the X-factor, Bees received a dose of the F-factor in the form of Feeney and Feeley.
Zuckerbrot, the creator of the popular F-Factor Diet, and the first registered dietitian with a national line of branded high fiber foods, will serve as a key resource for the agency's Better4You practice for food and wellness brands.
Zuckerbrot is the author of a best-selling book, "The F-Factor Diet: Discover the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss" (Putnam, 2006), which emphasizes the pivotal role of fiber in a balanced and healthy diet.
The F-factor thing was a storm in a tea cup, they got a lot of bad press from nothing.
In short, a classy chassis that's teamed up with lots of the F-factor .
Composure at the back and studied midfield play are still in evidence, but just as bread fails to rise without yeast, Livvy's play is falling flat without the F-factor.
Lookaround is our flagship programme so it's vital we get the presenters right - but I'm not saying a thing about the F-Factor.
It said John Major's generation were suffering from the F-factor - fear and frustration because of the lack of jobs.