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Abbreviation for roentgen to rad conversion factor.
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In the c-PAMb/gp system, NS substitution of gp exerted no significant effect on the FPR; the main effects of microparticle doses, however, were more pronounced than those of the cationic polymer main effect (F-factor: 0.923; cPAMa: 1.520; gp: 3.107).
The offset term makes the test procedure and the necessary equation for the general method, such as F-factor and Z-factor method, complex to measure the loss of the quasi-optics using the radiometer receiver.
Health Valley Co.'s new F-Factor has high levels of fiber (12 grams), 5 grams of fat and is made with no genetically engineered ingredients.
Chelsea Flower Show revelled in the F-Factor this year, F for foliage, that is.
But what happened to the much-vaunted "F-factor" which was supposed to govern the team selections for breakfast TV channels?
As for the B by F interaction, there are four levels of the B-factor and two levels of the F-factor yielding a total of eight B by F treatment combinations.
The Pix11 Health and Wellness Expo is a unique opportunity for those with an active lifestyle to interact with others who share their interests, take classes, benefit from diagnostic screening, and listen to experts in a wide range of disciplines, including Tanya Zuckerbot, MS, RD, author of The F-Factor Diet.
This was swiftly followed by an outburst of the F-Factor when I broke the news to him that we had to do it all again on Sunday.
Other presentations will be given on the long term effects of a poor diet, food and behaviour, the F-Factor project, key messages for healthy eating, nutritional standards.
Fiona, 46, famously quit GMTV almost 20 years ago after a bitter row over the "F-Factor".
Rather than being hit by the X-factor, Bees received a dose of the F-factor in the form of Feeney and Feeley.
I WAS forever linked with 'the F-factor' - the sexual chemistry between me and Michael Wilson on the sofa.